Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's Go Be Weirdos Together

You know that moment when too many things are happening all at once that you just stop and realize how lucky you are to be part of that moment, lucky to be surrounded with such wondrous and joyous people you are privileged to call "friends". I never thought that moment would ever happen to me, I thought those things only occur to people who do really good things like donate kidney to someone unfortunate person or well, something generous like that. But boy was I wrong, come prom, a Eureka moment occurred to me.

To be honest, starting college at a strange and alien environment, I never thought I would gain so much friends, much more such cool and awesome people. I just thought I would just meet a single soul who would be patient enough to put up with a weirdo like me and if I get lucky, maybe a couple of them and we would share our weirdoness at some weirdo place around school. But I DID meet those weirdos, not just a couple of them, a whole bunch of them who call themselves Scions '09. And we DO hang around sharing our weirdoness to each other and not at some weird place around school at that, but some cool place I would rather not share here for some personal reasons, haha.

I know college would never be as fun if it weren't for this people. College is hard, but doing it along with this people makes the experience worthwhile. Some of them are graduating this  year, and I would truly miss them. (Hi Shane and Dianne!!) But to those of us who would be continuing it for another year or two, rest assured every moment would be cherished. I love each and one of this guys.

(Okay, being alone at a coffee shop makes me feel sentimental. haha. Sorry about that. But I promise a fashion-related prom post after this.=))

Monday, March 4, 2013

Off The List

I know that this post is almost 3 weeks late, I'm not sure you're even remotely interested in hearing it, or rather, reading it. I'm sorry but a girls got to do what she's got to do, right? Anyways, the story behind the photos in the blog post before this is that I was supposed to look for a prom dress (which I'll be blogging about soon, I hope) but I ended up doing things that helped me cross out pretty much a quarter of my to-do list while still living/ studying here in Iloilo. Case in point:

1.) Take a legit outfit photo in a vintage-looking area

2.) have a photowalk around Iloilo

3.) Discover hidden places

4.) sit at a firetruck's back  haha, just kidding

4.) the best part! Finally, eat at Glor's burger

Glor's burger is this infamous burger place that is hidden in an almost literal hole-in-the-wall place in downtown area Iloilo. I had always wanted to try it but I thought it would be lame to have my first bite of this supposed-to-be awesome burger, alone. So since my bestfriend was with me at that time and we were pretty much starving after all the walking and unplanned sunbathing, we went to this place.The setting of the place is really cool, I felt like I was taken back in time, back when everything was black and white, in televisions I mean. The place was surrounded by signed playbills. I wanted to take home one with me.

I was kind of disappointed with the burger itself because I was thinking of Crave Burger level but that's not the reason why I don't have a photo here, the battery of the camera just died after taking too much outfit photos. I still think I'm gonna give it another try. =)