Saturday, July 30, 2011


I've been on a lot of thrifting lately, and I found lots of good stuff. This is one of my favorite thrift find. I love the flower details on the side and the fact that it's crocheted. And I got it for only Php 100. Watta luck. <3

I Can't Believe I'm 19

Last Monday, July 25, I celebrated my 19th year of existence in this world. I didn't have a big celebration because I'm not that happy knowing I'm one year away to the the end of my teenage life. Nevertheless, I thank God for all the blessings I received all throughout my life. I'm really blessed for having a life I'm living right now. I may not have every thing I wanted, but I know I'm having things more than I deserve.

That day, I brought to school a homemade chocolate cake made by my mom. My friends devoured them. I guess my mom makes delicious cakes,eh?

After our Law class, I asked my roommates to go to Garden Cafe. I've been itching to try out this place for a very long time, but never got to go there because it only opens at night during weekdays. Good thing that day, our law class ends at 7pm,so it was a perfect time to go there. We planned to have dinner there but when we ordered, the waitress told us that only drinks were available that day because their chief was absent that particular day,of all days. 

I was really heartbroken. So,since we were so hungry, we decided to eat dinner at Jollibee first, then just come back afterwards to have coffee.

We came back after our dinner then. We tried their coffees and I have to say I didn't like it as much as liked those of Book Latte's. But we just enjoyed the place instead and forget all about the coffee.

The place was really nice, it felt like I was just home with a homemade frappe.
The interiors were so cozy, it made me wanna sleep there.

I loved the wall decals. I wish I had them at my room too.

It was already past nine when we decided to go home. I made a note to myself to come back and give them another chance,maybe next time, with the chief present, their coffee would taste better.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Desperate Enough

Last Friday, we were asked to help for the preparation of Pasundayag by our accounting professor for an exchange of +5 points to our first long exam. Because of that 5 points that we were so desperate to take, we end up being the first people to arrive to the place where we were gonna do the preparation, we even beat the faculty and staff whom we were gonna help. But nevertheless,it gave us time to have breakfast first and consume the much needed energy that's gonna be eaten up afterwards.

It was so much fun helping the professor dress up because they were so "jologs" and they made us laugh all the time. We almost forgot that they were also the same people who made us shiver inside the walls of the classrooms.

Top and shoes: Thrifted
Jeans & belt: Freego

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


University of the Philippines-Visayas College of Management is a college which offers only business courses, namely BA Management, BA Marketing and BA Accountancy, so it is only but natural that the students pay little attention to what they wear (we don;t have uniform btw!) and anything that is associated with clothes for that matter. It is very common seeing students wearing jeans and tees and slippers, and anything as long as it means comfort. But there are some others who take up courage and stand out of the crowd and wear something not ordinary, or if it is ordinary or common, they usually add up something to spice them up. I always have fun watching this people and I always get the urge to snap up a picture of them. So I decided to come up with Get Spotted.

Actually, it was an old project which I planned very long time ago, and if you read my other blog, you can see my post about it here. Time had passed and I totally forgot about it. But just recently, I had the idea to finally work on it and that is how GET SPOTTED was born. It is actually a little different from Style Files since it doesn't focus on one person only. I take pictures of fashion-forward students of UPV, both the Miag-ao and the City campus,and post them here and it's facebook page for other students to see and get inspiration from.

I grabbed the chance today since it's our foundation week and students from the Miag-ao campus came to join the Pinta Banas,Pinta Alagyan (Street Painting).

Here are some pics I took:

Ditch the very common plain canvas shoes and replace them with one that has unique design just like Chin Payofelin.

Kill the boredom of tee+jeans look by cuffing the jeans at the end. Complete the look by wearing leather loafers and leather bracelets,and of course! nail art.

Hate looking too girly with dresses? Why not add up faux leather jacket and a boyish necklace to the dress just like what KYRA DIANON had done?

Still can't get away with jeans and shirt tandem? Why not wear distressed jeans instead to add an extra oomph to the outfit like MARIEL RIBA RIVERA?

Loving photography? Why not use the camera as an accessory instead just like what JANNAH BURGOS?

Pile up bracelets to complete the outfit for the day.
(sorry,didn't get her name)

Love looking like model off-duty? Why not pair up cuffed jeans with a loose tee like CLEO HAUTEA?

check out more pictures at the FB PAGE.

Monday, July 18, 2011


In our Filipino class, our professor required us to wear business attire during every class. I didn't know what the connection was, but our prof said it was so that we would be ready for our future since we are taking business courses. I didn't care about the reason,all I know is that it would be an opportunity for me to wear anything but shorts or jeans, which are like my uniform already. So,for our first meeting, this is what we wore:

It was nice seeing everyone so prepped up and formal-looking. I had lots of fun looking at my classmates wearing something that's not usual seen in them. I am so looking forward to more of it.=)

Failed jump shot.Lols.

New Blog Layout!

Hi guys! Did you notice the new look of my blog? Did you like it? =))
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's All Worth It

As I have mentioned in my past post, last Friday was our college's acquaintance party. There were a lot of contests and one thing that I always look forward to is the modelling contest. I helped a little with the making of the costume since it's the only thing that I'm interested at in the whole event. The costumes have to be related with the batch's theme or advocacy, and ours was about being environmental armies, so we recycled stuff to make the costume.
Here are some pictures for the event:

Preparations (afternoon):
The head of modelling committee
doing the gown made of magazine strips
headdress made of sticks
gown made of old magazines
Me,taking a break

we ditched the parade and had dinner at Captain Dad's instead
Upperclass who joined the parade;their advocacy was Animal rights
Star Model getting prepped up
other models

Modelling Proper
I love this vest made of bottle caps!
the Star Model strutting the runway
We won the modelling contest but didn't make it to the top 3 overall, but the sweat and stress were all worth it. I love my batchmates so much. After the event, our favorite band Kreons arrived and we partied the night away.=)

my outfit is all thrifted btw.=)