Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taking Advantage

I have always hated festivals, well not really hated, I just don't like them and don't believe in them (religious reasons) and I try to stir away from them as much as possible. Besides the fact that I don't believe in saints and celebrating anything related to them, I also hate the crowd and the full streets and all that stuff.So this recently ended Dinagyang festival, I most of the time just stayed in my dorm and the only public place I went to besides school was the mall. It's always full, and the crowd there didn't bother me much. I went there because I had to take advantage of the sales. haha. Anyways, here are the stuff that I recently bought:

(sorry for the messy bed,I forgot to crop the photo. teehee.)

Also,exams are coming so I have to get ready for them. Since today is our school's rest day, I again had to take advantage. I went to Starbucks and brought a whole bag loaded of notes to study. I wanted to feel really comfortable today, so I took out my really comfy shorts and plain V neck and sandals and went ahead to study. I added red lipstick to my whole outfit as not to look too plain. Here are some random photos my friend took of me:

a random vanity picture I took before heading out.

Top: Bench
Shorts: SM Dept Store
Sandals: Boardwalk
Bag: Parisian

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Denim on Denim

I am very much loving the weather these past few days, aren't you? Perfect time to pretend you're not in a tropical country but somewhere else, some place that has snow and four seasons and not just rain or sun all year round. This is really a perfect time to pull out those long hidden sweaters and coats and boots that if you wore on a normal sunny day would only gain you weird stares from strangers. haha.

Anyways, I'm pretty much still busy with school stuff, exams twice a week, school paper assignments and well, enjoying the weather. I'm at Starbucks right now while writing this, taking a time off studying accounting lessons. While my study buddy is roaming the nearby mall to take a break, I'm here using his laptop while leeching the coffee shop's wifi to blog about my look yesterday.

Would you believe me if I said this denim dress is only Php 50.00? because it really is. I got it from a thrift shop here in Iloilo. And speaking of thrift shops, someone asked me in my tumblr what thrift shops here in Iloilo I could recommend. There are actually a lot of them here, and since I know that most of my readers in this blog are Ilonggos and love thrift shopping, I think it would be better if I make a weekly/twice a week feature of thriftshops I could recommend here in Iloilo and maybe buy some there and show you guys whatever I buy. Let's just see about that. haha.

Dress and Polo: thrifted
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Parisian
Necklace: Shop and Match

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Of All Things Random

I am still alive. There is just a thing called school that is taking up 90% of my time.

Okay, I just copied that line from Abby Bayani's blog, which I happened to be reading while thinking of a great line opener for this blog post. The line says exactly the reason why it took me a little more than 8 weeks to make another post in this blog, (well except for the holiday season, which I used as a time to catch up with friends and family). Anyways, my life has been such a whirlwind (yet another line I copied from the song I'm listening while typing this: Can't Fight This Feeling), since school started this year. I am trying hard to catch up with the lessons that I purposely ignored last month. Who can blame me, Christmas spirit was already everywhere, I couldn't get my mind to focus on what my teacher was saying. I was way too excited, I can't think of anything other than Christmas season and all the fun that comes with it, and by fun I mean, food,food and well, food.

Nevertheless, I'm here again to share my non-sense life with you, whoever you are. Here are some low quality photos I took with my phone, just so I could have something to share with you.

Outfit photos and accessories I wore these past few weeks.

Iloilo at night// Iloilo Bridge/River
 Iloilo City (view from the port)//Iloilo City Downtown area

Book Latte's Breakfast Meal// Starbuck's Hot Latte and Cinnamon Swirl, 
Home-(dorm?haha)made Ceasar's Salad//Home-made tuna sandwich

Cute stuffed toy used as waiting no.//Cookbook I bought at Php 15.00
Misono's Pork Katsudon,//Comma Cafe's Green tea Latte

New favorite corner at the mall//cucumber and carrot sticks as snacks
Malling time with friends// Love confession for my super crush DAVID GUISON.

Well, that's all for now. I have so much school stuff to do, but hopefully I can do an outfit post very soon.=))

P.S. I am thinking of having a new feature/portion for this blog, something about dorm/college life, just to make this more interesting. Would you like that? or is that a very bad idea? Let me hear your opinion on the comments please? =))