Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chasing The Sun

Got too addicted to Zoe Suen’s blog Fashiononymous that everytime I think of an outfit, I think of her. I really love her style and not to mention, she’s really pretty too. I even have a folder on my laptop full of her outfit pictures.haha. Anyways, because of that, the outfit I wore today was influenced by her. It also happens that we have an open roof top in our dorm (but not as picturesque), so just like Zoe, I had my outfit photos taken there.=)

I tried three locations for taking these pictures because I was using only self timer and I can’t see if the position of the sun is right. There were also people on the other buildings near our dorm, and they were looking odd at me while posing for no one. haha. I just ignored them and took photos and then when the heat was too much, I gave up and went back to my room instead.

That's all. Too busy at school, but have something big coming up.=)

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