Monday, October 15, 2012

Laughed Out Loud

Last Saturday, our block had a sem-ender party at one of our blockmate's place in Sta. Barbara. It was meant to make us forget all the stress and trauma we suffered during the first semester of this school year. Even if the others still have exams on Monday, they tried to ignore it for a while and just relaxed and had fun.

We barbecued, swam, played cards, pigged out, and karaoke-ed. It was the best party ever! I can say that no one was left out, no one was a kj, no one  refused the dare to sing-along. Even those people we never heard sing, EVER, got the courage to sing in front of everyone, all for the sake of f-u-n.

I really love these people.


Calita Hin said...

sounds so funn! :)

Nadin said...

It was!=) thanks for dropping by!