Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rooftop Blues

Ugh. I hate Philippine weather. One day it's raining so hard with gusting wind the next day it's so sweltering hot. So unpredictable. =/

Anyways, as per usual, school has been eating up lots of my time these past few weeks, lots of interbatch/intercollege competitions, and with modeling as highlights, which is where as expected I was assigned, and not to mention exams, loads of them. Late nights at school and at Starbucks,skipping meals, and lack of sleep, all of them had added up and had me ending up with terrible migraines and colds and high fevers. Sometimes I just wanna give up and just go back home to our province and enjoy a stress-free life, but if I do that, all of my hard work, and not to mention my parents', will all just go to waste, and I don't never want that to happen.

Okay, so enough of the drama. Let's replace that instead with dramatic pictures. haha, kidding. I just wanna show you guys my current favorite item of clothing, a sweater, a very comfortable one, that I got from a thrift shop for a very low price. =) I just love it, perfect for rainy weathers. (I just wanna mention too that these pictures were taken way before all the hectic activities at school, thus the smiling and not-so-stressful looking face  haha)

Oh, Did I mention that just turned 21y.o.  last July 25? Start of a new decade of my life. I just hope it will be a fruitful one. =)

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