Thursday, September 12, 2013

Iloilo Designer's Week 2013 (DAY1): MY PICKS

Hello again guys! Okay, I have some explaining to do, but if you're not interested in it you can skip this part. hihi. =) Anyways, last month, it was announced that the second Iloilo Designers Week was already scheduled and that they were receiving applications for bloggers who would be featuring the event in their blogs. Being the naive and too excited blogger that I am, I immediately applied and luckily got accepted. I was already looking for my outfits and stuff, talking to other fellow bloggers about our plans and other related blogging topics, thinking that I had pretty much enough time for all the preparation. I was really expecting that the event would be on September or later since that was the time the 1st IDW was held. It was only a week before the event that I realized that the show was also the same date as that of our school's educational trip. I was so devastated, I even tried to arrange my flight for the field trip to be later than the original one scheduled so that I can at least see one show, but to no avail. =(

So long story short, I wasn't able to attend the event. But that wouldn't stop me from blogging one of the most anticipated fashion event in Iloilo City.With the help of facebook updates and other bloggers' posts, here are my picks from the collections of the different designers during the first day of the show:


Just like last year, Bo's collection were in the grey color scheme, with different touches of pattern here and there. What I loved about his collection is that it's not all about flowy skirts or loose pants, he now mixed it with clean lines and structured looks, which made the whole look contrasting yet very much interesting. I can also see that he's really into little details, like that asymmetrical sleeves and the pointed front flaps of the jacket.


I can say that this is one of my favorite collections. Who would have thought that Hablon could be transformed into this dainty and very youthful pieces? I always thought that Jaki's designs are a little more on the mature side, but this collection proved me wrong.


THIS! I have no words. The details, the length, the shape, and even the color (which was not always my favorite,anyway). Just the perfect mixture. <3 oh, and this would really be perfect for this year's school prom theme "Garden of Eden". 


This collection is just so dreamy. I feel like I'm in another awesome universe just by looking at the photos (what more if I was on the show itself?). His clothes are too awesome and delicate-looking they deserve to be preserved (rhyming!) in a museum and to be shown in the future generations. =))


I literally gasped when I saw photos of this collection, I've long been waiting to see a collection as world-class as this. And I can't believe I missed the chance to see these pieces personally. I love the cleanness of the lines, the simplicity of the silhouette and the elegance of the whole look. I also love that the hairdo is really simple, puts more attention to the dresses, which they really deserve. Ahh, those corsets! How I wish someone would teach me how to make them, they are just so sexy without all the effort. All these pieces deserve to be featured in a magazine.

view the whole collection here

That's all for the 1st day of Iloilo Designer's Week '13, I'll be posting my picks from the 2nd day's collection by Sunday, so be tuned. =))


Shannon Boyce said...

This is such a stellar collection!

Meilina Utomo said...

Loving these lovely pictures :)