Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I've mentioned in my last post that I've been hanging out with my elementary friends, and of course they're not the only people I hang out with. I took the chance this summer to spend some time with my cousins who I really missed, especially my only girl cousin who is like my little sister. Since their house is in the city, I took her around some malls and treated her with some stuff I thought she'd like.

I really came to appreciate Bacolod more during these times, how it's really clean and has a lot to offer to tourists. It's really developing, and I guess in a few years time it would become one of the major cities in the Visayas, in terms of culture and architecture.

The city is just so picturesque that even the bare streets, I had to take pictures of. And the fact the sidewalks are tiled with bricks, it makes it all the more better-looking. =)

Oh how I love this city. You have to visit Bacolod if you haven't yet.

Oh, and this is my little cousin, who I love dressing up with shorts cause she has really long and lean legs for a 10-year-old. She said she wanted to be a model, and I can really see her becoming one. She also loves fashion so much, and my mother blames me for that because I keep on exposing her to fashion-related stuff. haha. I just can't help it, as I said she's the only girl cousin I have.

And this is me, being fat and lazy. haha. I'm just enjoying the summer so much, are you?


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