Monday, June 27, 2011


Top: Bazaar
Jeans: SM dept Store
Bag: Parisian
Necklace: SPICES
Rings: YRYS

Had a presentation about Filipino culture during our Fil 10 class. It was so much fun,had a good laugh at every groups' short skit even though everyone wasn't so prepared. Even ours was just prepared 30 mins before the class, but the randomness of it made it so much more fun and our true selves really showed.

Btw, the top I was wearing was one of the stuff I got during the bazaar at Robinson's. I really love the print and the other one's print was also so nice,I can't wait to wear it.<3


Nina Lacson said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) Following you too now! :)

I love your white (that's Parisian?!!) bag!! :)

Eden said...

that anchor ring is hawt! wonder why i've never seent hat in cebu... oh and i totally have your double cross ring but in black:)

cute blog. makes me miss high school a lot:)

come visit/follow me?


Nina Lacson said...

OH! I thought your following me already as commented. :\ Not registering that your a new follower thru googleconnect. :( hehe

Reg Rodriguez said...

i love your ring!! :) cheers crammed projects/presentations that go well!


Nadin said...

@nica: I followed you already.=)

Nadin said...

@eden: thanks for the kind words.=) the ring is available at my online shop:

Nadin said...

@reg: Thank you.=)