Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Day with the Girls

School has been really busy lately and it's causing me a lot of stress, way more than I can take. Every minute of the day, I just wish to have some time off and relax for a while. Thank goodness for small favors. My college best friends and I decided to have an early Christmas party of sorts, with a little bit of gift giving to each other. Right after our class last Tuesday, we head off to an "eat all you can resto" but we had to wait a little bit cause we came too early.

But when we entered, we were disappointed because it was totally not what we expected (I'd rather not talk about it here). We talk while we were inside and decided if it wouldn't be too rude to leave the expecting waiters and transfer to some other place instead.

 So we decided to go the Plazuela instead, ate at Steps of Rome, exchanged our gifts and played at Time Zone afterwards.

It was an awesome day for the four of us.


^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

cooL friendship rings!
hope you enjoy your weekend! ^_^

by the way, can we follow each others' blogs???

ivannejuare said...

I can see that you had fun! Lovely photos.=)