Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let's Have a Good Laugh

           Attended our dorm's Christmas Party a while ago and I had so much fun especially since we had our first ever  dorm's pageant. Had a good laugh with the contestant's answers during the Q&A. My close friend and room mate was one of the contestants and I lent her my clothes for the "night out" wear,she's the girl in the picture above and everything she's wearing from head to toe are mine.
        I was also able to wear my wedge/bootie for the first time tonight. Good thing, our party's theme was "Dress to Impress:The New You", it gave me a chance to dress up. And, I got what I really wanted during our exchange gift, some sort of an organizer/box for my stuff. Better than what I wrote on our wishlist. Awesome!=)

This is what I wore.
Top: thrifted
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Ivânia Santos said...

Great pics!! Like it :d