Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lantern Parade/Christmas Party

Last December 16, we had our block's Christmas Party. It was held at Captain Dad's Resto, since it was cheap there and it was convenient for all of us. I lead the exchange gift, where we had a sort of "Pinoy Henyo" (guessing game). It was so much fun giving out clues and all. Here are some pics showing me having so much fun.

See? I was really having fun.haha

Welcome new blockmates!

Opening gifts.

What I got! yehey!

I'm such a photobomber.

Then we went to the UP Visayas Miag-ao Campus to attend the yearly Lantern Parade.

But we arrived late so we weren't able to join the parade. We just stayed at the nearby gasoline station and watched people pass by.

Then we went to the New Administration Building and watched the program. I can honestly say that the program there was boring compared when it was held at the city campus. The only thing I liked there were the flash mob and the flying lantern parade.

Lighting up the flying lantern parade.

Flash Mob.

Then we slept at my classmate's house.
Then had our breakfast the next morning at my other classmate's house.

Too bad I wasn't able to watch the Oblation Run.^^

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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