Friday, November 9, 2012

IDW: On The Runway, Don Protacio and Mike Sorilla

Second day of the show was opened by a series of menswear designers, with each one having different style aesthetic. No two menswear designers had the same designs because each one was really unique. One thing is for sure though; all fashion-forward men would really lust over each garment. (While us girls would lust over the muscle-packed body and the handsome faces of the models, haha. Kidding!, not.)

First one is Don Protacio.

Drapes, harem pants, man skirt, cover-ups, cotton and leather blazers are what composed of Don Protacio’s collection, each one shouting androgyny. I wonder if Don was born in Japan, because Japanese street style is what first came into mind when the first look came out. Each of the garments has his name written all over it, because it’s really his style. If one sees his garment worn by a random person, you would easily recognize it as his because that’s how unique his style aesthetic is

Don Protacio himself!

Mike Sorilla

Menswear is quite hard to be designed since there isn't much variation in men’s clothes, but this challenge seemed to be easy in Mike’s case as he made blazers and suits more interesting by putting cut-out details on sleeves and the pocket areas. He also made them seem less formal by sending out models on the runway barefoot and with mouth-covers. He gives the ninjas and mobs an idea as to what their new uniforms should look like if they decided to change it . Haha. But kidding aside, I really love the way he gave the suits and blazers the feel of wearability not only on special occasions but also on normal days, and I think even women would look good on such kinds of blazers.

Mike himself!

.Menswear Part 2 up next!=)


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