Tuesday, November 6, 2012

IDW: Outfit

This is what I wore for the second day of Iloilo Designers Week. I don't have a decent outfit photo for the first day, yet, so I'm posting this first.=)

I fell in love with this top the first time I saw it, the print and the fabric. I found it in a small botique at a local mall which garment selection are just plain awesomeness. If I had the money, I could buy everything they were selling, but because I don't, I have to settle for this, which is good enough for now.

It goes really well with these aztec print leggings I had for a very long time. A match made in heaven. lols

It just so happens that I have these accessories hidden somewhere in my closet, waiting to be worn. Could it be more perfect?

(Top:  Anara // Leggings: Old // Boots: Thrifted //Accessories: S&M)
Hype this look here.


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Domestic Sweetheart said...

i love your outfit!
I'm a new GFC follower :)