Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's All Worth It

As I have mentioned in my past post, last Friday was our college's acquaintance party. There were a lot of contests and one thing that I always look forward to is the modelling contest. I helped a little with the making of the costume since it's the only thing that I'm interested at in the whole event. The costumes have to be related with the batch's theme or advocacy, and ours was about being environmental armies, so we recycled stuff to make the costume.
Here are some pictures for the event:

Preparations (afternoon):
The head of modelling committee
doing the gown made of magazine strips
headdress made of sticks
gown made of old magazines
Me,taking a break

we ditched the parade and had dinner at Captain Dad's instead
Upperclass who joined the parade;their advocacy was Animal rights
Star Model getting prepped up
other models

Modelling Proper
I love this vest made of bottle caps!
the Star Model strutting the runway
We won the modelling contest but didn't make it to the top 3 overall, but the sweat and stress were all worth it. I love my batchmates so much. After the event, our favorite band Kreons arrived and we partied the night away.=)

my outfit is all thrifted btw.=)

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Anonymous said...

soo love our batch too! I wish we won..if only we made it to the top 3 in the photo exhibit:(