Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adbokasiyahan 2011

(photos by Chin Payofelin)
Sorry for not updating my blog for  more than a week, I've just been really busy with school works, especially since last Friday was our college's acquaintance party and there were a lot of preparations to do. Aside from that, my accounting subject is so hard that it takes a lot of time studying it. But, never mind that, it's not any of your problems.
So,last Wednesday, as part of our acquaintance party, the student council held the first ever photography contest and all the photographs were exhibited at the student's lounge. My friends and I went to support our friend Elmark even if it was raining so hard. When we arrived there, I was assigned by Eloisa, the student council president, to be the official photographer of the said event. That is why I don't have any pictures during the main event, only during the snacks time since that was the only time I was freed from the duty and my friend Chin  took over the camera. Our batch didn't win the contest though, and that was a li'l bit disappointing since I really liked my batchmates' works and the others' were too edited. Well, what can I do,I was not the judge.haha.

*And about the title of this post, that was the theme of our acquaintance party, which is all about advocacies of each batch. Ours was about the environment.