Wednesday, July 20, 2011


University of the Philippines-Visayas College of Management is a college which offers only business courses, namely BA Management, BA Marketing and BA Accountancy, so it is only but natural that the students pay little attention to what they wear (we don;t have uniform btw!) and anything that is associated with clothes for that matter. It is very common seeing students wearing jeans and tees and slippers, and anything as long as it means comfort. But there are some others who take up courage and stand out of the crowd and wear something not ordinary, or if it is ordinary or common, they usually add up something to spice them up. I always have fun watching this people and I always get the urge to snap up a picture of them. So I decided to come up with Get Spotted.

Actually, it was an old project which I planned very long time ago, and if you read my other blog, you can see my post about it here. Time had passed and I totally forgot about it. But just recently, I had the idea to finally work on it and that is how GET SPOTTED was born. It is actually a little different from Style Files since it doesn't focus on one person only. I take pictures of fashion-forward students of UPV, both the Miag-ao and the City campus,and post them here and it's facebook page for other students to see and get inspiration from.

I grabbed the chance today since it's our foundation week and students from the Miag-ao campus came to join the Pinta Banas,Pinta Alagyan (Street Painting).

Here are some pics I took:

Ditch the very common plain canvas shoes and replace them with one that has unique design just like Chin Payofelin.

Kill the boredom of tee+jeans look by cuffing the jeans at the end. Complete the look by wearing leather loafers and leather bracelets,and of course! nail art.

Hate looking too girly with dresses? Why not add up faux leather jacket and a boyish necklace to the dress just like what KYRA DIANON had done?

Still can't get away with jeans and shirt tandem? Why not wear distressed jeans instead to add an extra oomph to the outfit like MARIEL RIBA RIVERA?

Loving photography? Why not use the camera as an accessory instead just like what JANNAH BURGOS?

Pile up bracelets to complete the outfit for the day.
(sorry,didn't get her name)

Love looking like model off-duty? Why not pair up cuffed jeans with a loose tee like CLEO HAUTEA?

check out more pictures at the FB PAGE.

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Anonymous said...

great collection! =) By the way the girl with the bracelets is Arlene Faye Beltran