Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Can't Believe I'm 19

Last Monday, July 25, I celebrated my 19th year of existence in this world. I didn't have a big celebration because I'm not that happy knowing I'm one year away to the the end of my teenage life. Nevertheless, I thank God for all the blessings I received all throughout my life. I'm really blessed for having a life I'm living right now. I may not have every thing I wanted, but I know I'm having things more than I deserve.

That day, I brought to school a homemade chocolate cake made by my mom. My friends devoured them. I guess my mom makes delicious cakes,eh?

After our Law class, I asked my roommates to go to Garden Cafe. I've been itching to try out this place for a very long time, but never got to go there because it only opens at night during weekdays. Good thing that day, our law class ends at 7pm,so it was a perfect time to go there. We planned to have dinner there but when we ordered, the waitress told us that only drinks were available that day because their chief was absent that particular day,of all days. 

I was really heartbroken. So,since we were so hungry, we decided to eat dinner at Jollibee first, then just come back afterwards to have coffee.

We came back after our dinner then. We tried their coffees and I have to say I didn't like it as much as liked those of Book Latte's. But we just enjoyed the place instead and forget all about the coffee.

The place was really nice, it felt like I was just home with a homemade frappe.
The interiors were so cozy, it made me wanna sleep there.

I loved the wall decals. I wish I had them at my room too.

It was already past nine when we decided to go home. I made a note to myself to come back and give them another chance,maybe next time, with the chief present, their coffee would taste better.

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