Monday, July 18, 2011


In our Filipino class, our professor required us to wear business attire during every class. I didn't know what the connection was, but our prof said it was so that we would be ready for our future since we are taking business courses. I didn't care about the reason,all I know is that it would be an opportunity for me to wear anything but shorts or jeans, which are like my uniform already. So,for our first meeting, this is what we wore:

It was nice seeing everyone so prepped up and formal-looking. I had lots of fun looking at my classmates wearing something that's not usual seen in them. I am so looking forward to more of it.=)

Failed jump shot.Lols.


Jane said...

nice blog!

fashioneggpplant said...

love your skirt :)

Nadin said...

@Jane: Thank You for visiting.=)

Nadin said...

@Fashioneggplant: thanks. It's actually a dress.

Francesca Soriano said...

Oops, sorry. Followed this blog already. :)

I like your dress btw!